Hot Air Balloon Tours


Sunrise from the Balloon Cappadocia is known around the world as one of the best places to fly with hot air balloons. The spectacular surrealistic landscapes combined with excellent flying conditions allow the balloons to gently drift over and between fairy chimneys, pigeon houses hewn into the unique rock formations, orchards, and vineyards – through impressive valleys, each with distinctive rock formations, colors and features – and then float up over rippled ravines for breathtaking views over the region.

Meeting and preparing for flight

In the morning, before sunrise (the exact time is given in the evening before the flight), the transfer will pick you up directly from your hotel. After you arrive at the take-off area, a small breakfast will be waiting for you. Prior to the flight, the certified pilot will provide safety rules for the crew and passengers.


Each flight is unique because the direction is set by the wind. From a bird's eye view, in addition to the amazing sunrise, you can see Love Valley, Rose and Red Valleys, and maybe even fly over your hotel.

The flight takes from 45 to 65 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

After flight

Upon landing, you will be treated to a certificate ceremony and champagne. A transfer will take you back to your hotel so you don't miss your breakfast.



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